Monday, February 21, 2011

produa myvi price

Treat it as an additional accessory package to fit onto the 1.3 Standard Automatic model, since the LE is a RM1,700 premium over the 1.3 Standard AT. It’s priced at RM48,600 for metallic paint colours and priced RM500 cheaper for the solid colours.


The Perodua Myvi has received a facelift 3 years after it was launched, at a time which would appropriately be mid-point in its lifecycle. There are updates with the exterior, interior, equipment as well as price, which naturally have been revised higher.

Myvi 1.3 Standard
RM 43,900 to RM 46,900

Myvi 1.3 Premium
RM 46,700 to RM 49,700

OTR PRICE (Auto) - RM 52,900.00 (SOLID), RM 53,400.00 (METALLIC)

OTR PRICE (Manual)  - RM 49,900.00 (SOLID), RM 50,400.00 (METALLIC)

For further queries, please contact -  0122915802

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